Renewable Energies


Renewable energies are a great challenge for LARI which actively researches on control types and on the design of different converters´ topologies to achieve an adequate energy management of each one of these alternative sources. 
For this purpose, a deep research which deals with aspects such as new topologies of converter, the use of new wide bandwidth power semiconductors and different control strategies are carried out, in order to obtain the maximum energy of each of the studied renewable sources.
Given the intermittency that characterize the main sources of renewable energy, its storage is nowadays a topic of great importance for the massification of these energies. That is why in LARI energy storage with different technologies, the energy management of hybrid systems composed of renewable sources, power converters and auxiliary storage elements constitute another challenging research topic within our laboratory.
Finally, LARI has developed different emulators from different renewable energy sources for the performance of repetitive tests that allow validations of new controls while checking the performance of new converters under critical conditions.