About us

LARI focuses mainly on the design and control of new topologies of switched AC and DC power converters for the integration of renewable energies. The converter regulation includes both digital and analog controls using linear and non-linear techniques. In addition, the development of new mathematical models to be used in the emulation of renewable energy sources to study the interaction with power converters is another area of research of LARI. Finally, for LARI, national and international research cooperation is a strategic motor of development that enhances all our activities.


To be a research center of excellence and international reference for applications and developments in smart grids with highly qualified staff and research lines that benefit the technological progress of Chile.


Contribute to the technological development and positioning of renewable energies in Chile through basic research, innovation, technology transfer and training of highly qualified professionals in key social impact areas.


The Laboratory of Applications in Smart Grids (LARI in spanish) is a research group that was officially born in the middle of the year 2016 and is attached to the Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad de Talca. Prior to its founding, Dr. Carlos Baier had a research laboratory in power electronics which he had financed with different national research funding competitions obtained during his career as an academic attached to the Universidad de Talca. In 2016, Dr. Baier is awarded with a Regular Fondecyt and that same year Dr. Restrepo starts the execution of his Initiation Fondecyt, so they decide to join efforts to create a single laboratory but with two well differentiated areas of research that allows both the collective and individual growth of each one of them. The laboratory has two areas of development. The area of ​​applications in alternating current which is coordinated by Dr. Baier and the area of ​​applications in direct current coordinated by Dr. Restrepo. Both areas coexist in the framework of smart grids and is,at the same time, the integration and inhacer unit of both.